Our Services

Our Rental Service with driver is a comfortable Advance, reserved and not just "Business Man" but to anyone who wants to move within cities, ensuring a RELIABLE, punctual service and prestigious. Always available, even on public holidays, with the possibility to book their travel in advance.




Rental with chauffeur services for Business needs

Eur Travel Service is responsible for managing and Organizing the movements of its customers through a rental service with driver, using Cars, minibuses and buses, equipped with the best comfort and the best technology offering the maximum quality and relaxation.Our deep industry experience offers the possibility to take advantage of these services at national and European level;

In fact we are opreativi in various European cities and international.




Rental with chauffeur services for Tourist needs

Eur Travel Service handles and organize the movement of their clientiper tourist needs through Cars, minibuses and buses, equipped with the best comforts to spend a pleasant stay in the capital and not only ...

Rome Tour (1 day)-Rome Tour (2 days)-Shopping tour-Tour Rome by night-Tour to Rome in ancient Ostia Tour Limo-Tivoli-Tour Tour Tour Pisa-Florence-Siena-Tour and many other tour



Rental services with driver for Wedding needs

Our company also deals with car rental for Ceremony since 1990, our dedication and attention to detail has led us to offer more qualitative services, our courtesy and professionalism sets us apart and makes this love for our workmakeyour wedding unique and unrepeatable ".







Limousine Rental Service with driver

Our company deals with Chauffeur Limousine rental, our dedication and attention to detail has led us to offer services for events of Fashion Style and luxury.

Our company offers services for:

Rental services with driver with Limousine bachelorette party, Gala evenings, Birthdays, inaugurations, for graduations and Sponsorships.

or even a unforgettable evening among friends with Champagne

- TV-music and lots of fun.

Even a simple Evening with us will become a wonderful Event! ! !

From today we also have the possibility to have at our disposal a Unique Limousine throughout Italy 18 seats ! ! !